Thank you for visiting our website! Digestive Wellness is an extensive, informational online magazine and community for people living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) - from those experiencing mild digestive problems to those experiencing more severe symptoms. We provide expert advice, emotional/social support, and nutrition information in a positive and uplifting framework. Our goal is to help you be your best self, supporting you while you foster healing and optimal health in your body. Healthy tract equals healthy life!

About Our Founder Rachael


Photo Credit: Meg Miller Photography

Photo Credit: Meg Miller Photography

Rachael founded Digestive Wellness after being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease  in 2012. Diet and lifestyle changes played a critical role in healing the inflammation in her digestive tract, and she has enjoyed optimal health since then. She and her team of healthcare providers attribute her radical healing to her adherence to her medication, along with with her diet, exercise regimen, meditation, and affirmations (sounds silly but it works!). Rachael brings a lot of expertise to her practice as a holistic health coach, certified yoga and meditation teacher, and Crohn's patient.

Rachael focuses her practice on servicing people with IBD who want to use nutrition and lifestyle changes in addition to traditional therapies for improved outcomes.


We are here to help you heal your digestive tract and emerge as the healthiest possible version of you through positive dietary and lifestyle changes.
— Rachael