When you are diagnosed with a  digestive disease like celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease, you may feel overwhelmed with information. Online chat rooms and Internet searches can only provide so much. How do you navigate this new world and make appropriate lifestyle changes to support healing?

Most importantly, your body becomes a laboratory, and you must figure out what foods exacerbates symptoms and what foods should be avoided. In addition, you should adhere to your medication regimen determined by you and your doctor, as well as manage stress and keep yourself in general good health.

A lot to manage on your own. 

At Digestive Wellness, we have a holistic health coach to assist you on your journey to healing your digestive tract. We work one-on-one with you to determine an appropriate lifestyle program for you as you navigate your healing process, ranging from one month to six months based on your needs.

What a typical health coaching program entails: 

  • Initial consultation
  • Use of the Inside Tract program
  • Weekly progress calls
  • Food diary
  • Development of stress management and meditation program
  • Personalized yoga 

Contact us to learn more about our personalized nutrition and lifestyle services to assist you on your path back to optimal health. Heal your tract, heal your life! Email us at info@digestivewellness.co or complete the form below.

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