Digestive Wellness is an online community resource for people living with IBD. Digestive Wellness provides information on becoming and staying well with IBD. Our mission is to provide you with expert perspectives to manage your disease, lifestyle advice to support your personal version of optimal health, and psychosocial support through our inspiring contributors, who help you realize you are not alone. 

A diagnosis of Crohn's or colitis can manifest in many ways, making your disease different from others' experiences. Digestive Wellness provides a variety of information to empower you to be an educated consumer and to encourage you to work with your healthcare providers to become as healthy as you can be.

We inspire you to take control of what you can control and to accept what you cannot. While other online resources focus on fighting your body and provide views that your body is your enemy, we choose a different perspective. The human body is a complex, miraculous machine, and when functioning optimally, protects you from disease flares and other infections. Digestive Wellness aims to help you support your body's natural healing process. We hope to inspire you to view your body as a partner on your path to optimal health rather than as the enemy. 

IBD cannot and should not be managed alone. It is up to you to educate yourself and find appropriate healthcare providers and support systems as you learn how to manage your disease and integrate healthy habits into your life. You will likely have a lifelong medication regimen to keep your disease under control, as well as a need to change aspects of your lifestyle. We will be here to support your journey in every way that we can. 




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